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Quality Manager

Release time:

2024-01-19 11:20

Position: Quality Manager
Direct report to: GM
Dotted report to: Operation Director

Develop and improve company quality management system, standards and quality process.
Effective implementation of company quality management system and international QMS, e.g. ISO9001.
Responsible for quality assurance of all process in manufacturing area from incoming material, process quality, to machine outgoing quality. 
More proactive with customers and lead with team to understand and figure out actions for quality cases from NPS/warranty/CCRP.
Follow up Customer service for warranty/ complain cases from front customer service, conduct with technical dept., production, service and suppliers to find root cause and figure out action plan. And provide relevant 4Q/8D report.
Coordination and follow up improvement action regarding customer audit, certification audit (QMS) audit, and internal audit finding, and verification of effectiveness of all corrective & preventive actions.
Take lead to handling Nonconformity of product and material quality during manufacturing, in process quality control, verification of the effective of action plan from external supplier and internal team, and issue monthly NCR analysis report.
Host quality related monthly/weekly meeting and prepare relevant report for internal/external.
Lead to figure out QCP for new product, and prepare inspection instructions etc.
Participate in FMEA during development of new products.
Bachelor or above, major in Machinery, Electrical or related majors.
6+ years working experience of quality in manufacturing industry, 3 years of which are in managerial position, mechanical equipment manufacturing industry is preferred.
Understand the principles of mechanical processing, metal surface treatment and processing technology, welding technology and process, mechanical drawing, electrical technology etc.
Very good knowledge and experience of ISO9001:2015.
Good experience of problem solving and capable of leading.
Good management skills, good communication and coordination skills, good planning capability and adaptability.
-Can use English a working language.