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Electrical Engineer

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2024-01-19 11:28

Position: Electrical Engineer

Design, control and implement electrical systems ,Including circuit diagrams, PLC programming, HMI configuration etc. And responsible for the whole process of testing, commissioning and trouble shooting.
Develop manufacturing processes according to global engineering regulations and standards (CE, UL).
Implement and apply new system procedures in cooperation with German engineers and local workshop technicians.
Contribution to project planning and progress tracking.
Summarize test data and output test report.
Review requirements for new projects, calculate costs and help with budgeting.
Provide technical support to other departments and solve customers' technical issues in time.
Be responsible for other duties of this position and other tasks assigned by superior.
Bachelor degree or above, major in electrical or related field.
More than 1 year electrical design experience, Experience in motion control or packing equipment industry is preferred.
In-depth understanding of electrical manufacturing process, knowledge of electrical and automatic control, familiar with electrical standards, electrical wiring, electrical control cabinet design, electrical component selection, understanding of electrical engineering specifications and safety standards.
Hands-on experience in IEC 61131-3 software development in ST or FBD.
Experience to use object oriented programming and scripting languages (python, power shell, bash or similar).
Familiar with AutoCAD, Eplan and excellent MS Office skills.
Fluent English in spoken and written.
Clear, systematic thinking, good communication and time management skills.
Excellent interpersonal skills and be able to work in a cross-cultural environment.
High level of self-motivation and ability to work without day-to-day tracking.
Actively working to convert uncertainty into clarity.
Having the big picture in mind and finding creative solutions to remove road blocks.