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Jinzhou Wande Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1998, specializing in the development, production, sales and service of pharmaceutical packaging equipment.
In July 2011, Wind Packaging became a wholly-owned subsidiary of the German UHLMANN Group. Germany UHLMANN Group is one of the world's most famous pharmaceutical packaging equipment research and development and manufacturing companies, is the world's leader in pharmaceutical packaging equipment. Based on the European advanced design concept, the company has the industry's leading technology eB350 blister packaging machine, C250 packing machine, eBL350 whole blister packaging wire and new pouch packaging wire. All products have UHLMANN Group technology sharing, to achieve the perfect combination of German advanced technology and Chinese manufacturing. In 2014, the company successfully operated the S.A.P. enterprise management system, realized the standardization management of the whole process of product design and development, processing and manufacturing, assembly, testing and after-sales service, and provided more economical and efficient pharmaceutical packaging solutions for domestic and foreign pharmaceutical industry users.
In October 2019, Jinzhou Wind became a member of the German Ullman Group and invested in the establishment of a new modern factory in Tanghezi Industrial Park in Jinzhou. The new plant covers an area of 33,000 square meters, including 28,000 square meters of research and development and production plants, which greatly enhance the development of new products and expand production capacity.
The good humanistic working environment of Wancan has gathered a large number of outstanding talents. There are more than 200 employees, including excellent managers at home and abroad as well as R&D personnel with practical experience in the pharmaceutical packaging industry. The company attaches great importance to the continuous improvement of employees, regularly arranges various training, more than 20% of employees have received training in Ulmand country headquarters and 100% of Ulman technology docking.
The users of Wind packaging cover well-known domestic pharmaceutical companies, including Hengrui Pharmaceutical, Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical Group, Shanghai Pharmaceutical, Fosun Pharmaceutical, Zhengda Qingtian, Hausen Pharmaceutical and so on. At the same time, the equipment is exported to five continents in the world, including well-known pharmaceutical companies in Brazil, India, the United States, Canada, Singapore and other countries. Customer demand is our driving force. "Continuous improvement, the pursuit of innovation" is our philosophy, but also the vitality of the continuous development of enterprises.
In today's fierce competition, Wande people solve various packaging solutions for users with meticulous professionalism, so that we can jointly push the level of pharmaceutical packaging to a new height.


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■ Based on the future of human sustainable development, facing modernization, facing the world, facing the future, interdependent with the ecological environment, mutual benefit, common survival, and progress in development
■ Customer-oriented, to provide advanced, scientific and technological, innovative, economic packaging products, to better serve the entire market and industry, to create unique value of enterprises
■ Carry forward the symbiotic effect with the headquarters, equal cooperation, carry forward and grow, symbiosis and win-win

■ We are global leading provider for pharmaceutical economic solution

■ We provide cost-effective machines & services for pharmaceutical applications