Meet us in CIPM Qingdao in May 2023

Wonder will participate in the 62nd (Spring) China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Exposition (CIPM) in the National Convention & Exhibition Center (Qingdao) on May 2023. Please come to visit us!

Vacuum nitrogen packing machine

Set vacuum, nitrogen filling, heat sealing as one of the semi-automatic multi-functional packaging machinery, the work program is automatically controlled by the PLC programming system, can be adjusted according to different packaging materials and volumes of each work link time, can also be used separately one of the separate links. The whole machine is composed of oil and water removal air filtration system, air separation nitrogen system, vacuum system, gas storage and supply system, heat sealing system, PLC programming control system, lifting studio and frame, housing. This machine can be used with other equipment and production machines. The food is put into a bag, the air in the bag reaches the predetermined vacuum degree, and then filled with nitrogen, carbon dioxide, oxygen and other gases, and then complete the sealing process.