Meet us in CIPM Qingdao in May 2023

Wonder will participate in the 62nd (Spring) China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Exposition (CIPM) in the National Convention & Exhibition Center (Qingdao) on May 2023. Please come to visit us!

Basic function

Packaging is a necessary condition for products to enter the circulation field, and the main means to achieve packaging is the use of packaging machinery. With the development of The Times and the progress of technology, packaging machinery is playing a more and more important role in the field of packaging, and its main roles are as follows:
(1) can greatly improve labor productivity mechanical packaging is much faster than manual packaging, such as candy packaging, manual packaging of sugar can only pack more than a dozen pieces per minute, and candy packaging machine can reach hundreds or even thousands of pieces per minute, improving efficiency tens of times.
(2) can effectively ensure the quality of packaging mechanical packaging can be based on the requirements of packaging items, according to the required shape, size, to get the same specifications of packaging, and manual packaging is not guaranteed. This is particularly important for export commodities, only mechanical packaging, in order to achieve the standardization of packaging, standardization, in line with the requirements of collection packaging.
(3) Can achieve manual packaging cannot be achieved Some packaging operations, such as vacuum packaging, inflatable packaging, body packaging, isobaric filling, etc., are manual packaging can not be achieved, can only be achieved by mechanical packaging.